Nonwoven fabric is used in most furniture items. Basically nonwoven fabric provides a great benefit in bedding and furnishings. It is usually stapled or glued on the bottom of furniture items. It protects furniture from bugs and rodents at a highly durable and cost-effective level. For instance nonwoven carpet backing allows higher comfort, moisture barrier, and noise reduction. Moreover nonwovens in mattresses are the most popular in furniture. It helps as a flame resistant and flame retardant to other fabric. Examples of nonwoven furnishings and bedding:

  • • Acoustic ceilings
  • • Carpets
  • • Decking & breather fabrics
  • • Dust covers
  • • Lamp shades
  • • Mattresses & ticking
  • • Pillows & pillowcases
  • • Spring insulators
  • • Wall coverings